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Death! (on april, 9th 2010)

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Live Video! (on april, 8th 2010)


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im gonna be your dog

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Spring 2010! death round! will die all! (on march, 22nd 2010)

Spring 2010! death round! will die all!

The preliminary information.
Group flash goes to round on the russian cities, in frameworks death 2010, in a holder with groups psiheja, p.t.v.p., 7000$, the oriental cherry, .
Besides it, group flash also will win back some club concerts.

On april, 6th club 1 st.-petersburg
On april, 12th death moscow. club "point".
On april, 13th club fish/saw st.-petersburg
On april, 15th death st.-petersburg. club "port".
On april, 21st "club mod" st.-petersburg
On april, 29th bar 68 jyvaskyla (finland)
On may, 4th death nizhni novgorod
On may, 6th death orenburg
On may, 26th - "club mod" st.-petersburg
On june, 8th - moscow

The detailed information on groups-participants and dates will be updated.

New Pics (on march, 8th 2010)

New pics are available in PICS folder!
New photos are accessible to kategorija:kontserty in folder pics!

More pics to come!

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3/3/2010. st.-petersburg. club "mod". (on february, 6th 2010)

The concert is excellent


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