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23.12.06. st.-petersburg, club "mod". (on december, 5th 2010)

23.12.06. st.-petersburg, club "mod".

FLASH (live) + Djs: FlatLine, Mila and others.

The beginning: flash - 22.00
The input: 100 rbl.

The club address: st.-petersburg, m.gostinyj dvor, m. the neva prospectus, konjushennaja the area, 2.

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18.11.06 S-Pb.ArcticA" club.Castle Rock Birthday party" (on november, 7th 2010)

The concert is excellent

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28.10.06. s-pb. halloween party." club 1 "("club one"). (on october, 9th 2010)

FLASH (live) + DJs:
Indie, MashUp, NuWave, Rock, Pop: Kto Dj? TRS Knife Party FlatLine
Minimal, Progressive, House: K.Loveski Finn Egor Borya Pavlov Veselove
Hip-Hop: Dark Lexx R-Beat Kelt

The input on party it is strict on dress code: halloween, horror movies, witches, zombies, glam rock 80's (motley crue, poison +).

Before party visiting it is obligatory to watch following films:
Risen from a hell, 13 phantoms, a halloween, the fog, something, the psychosis, reanimator, shout, the call, the nightmare in the street elms, friday 13, dzhipers kripers, the witch from blair, the texas slaughterthe planet of vampires, child rozmari +электрический лодочный мотор цена

The club address:
St.-petersburg, m.gostinyj dvor, m.sadovaja, street of lomonosov 5.

The beginning at 23.50. on an input works facecontrol!

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On november, 11th (saturday), moscow, (on october, 5th 2010)

On november, 11th (saturday), moscow,

Group flash, as special visitors, will take part in the moscow concert of group to/die/for (finland).
Group to/die/for will present the new, fifth album under the account-wounds wide open ".

Also participate:
- repentance (dark-rock, moscow)
- for you (gothic love metal, kazakhstan)

The beginning at 18.00. cost of the ticket of 500 roubles.

address ": street melnikova .7. the m. item proletarian, the volgograd prospectus, dubrovka. a recreation centre of 1stan input from a recreation centre underside.

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15.07.06 S-Pb. "ArcticA" club. ''Hard MidSummer Day'' (on june, 25th 2010)

On july, 15th, club arktika (spb, bering 38, the m. item"seaside")

Festival of the present fate - hard midsummer day!
(hard rock, hard glam, rythm'n'blues and rock'n'roll)

In the program:

Dr. faust and crocodiles
Llanfair P.G.
Lustful Girl

Special guests: the boo [moscow]

The beginning at 17:00
The input with a club card" dark petersburg "- 150 rivers, without - 200 rivers

To everyone come, - to a beer mug in a gift!
It is discussed at forum

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